September 4 2019

On the Origins of Modern Biology and the Fantastic: Part 13 —Ursula K. Le Guin and Lynn Margulis |
“Margulis’ revolutionary paper also hit at a time when it was most impactful, but also had to deal with intense criticism. Neo-Darwinists balked, holding that organelles arose from stepwise mutations and deeming symbiotic theory neo-Lamarckianism. Furthermore, its “feminine” implications of mutual cooperation flew against dominant survival-of-the-fittest narratives. Margulis detested this kind of narrow thinking and was not shy about debating her critics publicly, armed with a growing body of evidence in her favor. “

Mike Rugnetta: TAKE: Efficiencymaxxing
I make no claim as to the effectiveness of orthotropics (Mike Mew was recently ejected from the British Orthodontics Society fwiw) but a certain community of Internet Men have taken it to suggest if they put their tongue in the right place for long enough they’ll reshape the front facing bits of their cranium and get smokin’ hot thus attracting … *ahem* … “females”.Mewing has become a candidate for inclusion into a regiment that also includes – as Natalie Wynn recently discussed – “skinmaxxing” and other deeply uncomfortable bizarroverse simulacra of self-care which are means towards the end of ~obtaining~ others and not, y’know, caring for the self.

Just Delete Me | A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services. [ht 4 short links]