August 17 2019

Concepts which maintain power / Concepts that challenge power

Owning demand gives companies a compounding advantage, but needs to be bootstrapped. When a company is just starting out, it not only doesn’t own demand, it has all the disadvantages of competing against others that do.

In order to grow their demand high enough to become a beneficial flywheel, Barton’s companies use a Data Content Loop to bootstrap their demand and create unique content and index an industry online (homes for Zillow, hotels and flights for Expedia, companies for Glassdoor).

Expedia: Prices for flights and hotels that before you’d have to get from travel agent
Zillow: Zestimate of what your house is likely worth that before you’d have to get from broker
– Glassdoor: Reviews from employees about what a company is like that before you’d have to get from a recruiter or the company itself

Making Uncommon Knowledge Common [ht]

Apparent Gender-Based Discrimination in the Display of STEM Career Ads — “women disproportionately click on job ads, so bidding algorithms charge more to advertisers to show to women, so men see more job ads” [ht].

August 7 2019

Uncertain and afraid“, John Green / vlogbrothers, YouTube.

Andy Baio loves the video game Elsinore (“Hamlet meets Groundhog Day”) “Parts feel like interactive narrative theater a la Sleep No More, but you’re constantly changing the fates of the people around you in unexpected ways.” … pairs nicely with…. Ryan North’s To Be or Not To Be.

Collecting Your Thoughts Is Good. Organizing Them Is Even Better“, New York Times. Google Keep and Apple Notes are much closer in functionality to Evernote than I had thought.

Twitter thread on how The Simpsons handle French and Quebecois

August 2 2019

“The Crane Wife”, The Paris Review, By CJ Hauser July 16, 2019.

What I want to teach, but can’t, thanks to Universal Music Group” by Adam Neely, Oct 19, 2017 (YouTube) …. which pairs nicely with… Fn 5: Why Are Copyrights on YouTube So Confusing? by Anil Dash.

SciShow: Why Our Sewers are Plagued by Fatbergs (YouTube)... it’s not fat in the sewers… it’s soap.

Minute Earth: The Bacteria That Made Life Possible Are Now Killing Us (YouTube) which pairs nicely with Where Did Eukaryotic Cells Come From? – A Journey Into Endosymbiotic Theory (YouTube).